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An oasis in Barcelona

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We open this section with a truly unique place in Barcelona. The gardens of Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I is an oasis to get lost in and escape the city.

The old modernist gardens of the Torre Melina was designed by Josep Fontseré i Mestre in 1875 and restored by the landscape architect Nicolau Maria Rubio i Tudorí, highly regarded by Gaudí.

Today, the 25,000 m2 of garden retain its splendour thanks to professional care and remarkable botanical wisdom. This space has become a botanical benchmark and can boast with its own fauna.Therefore, it is not surprising to find species like olive groves from Palestine at the hotel entrance or hundred-year old cedars and pine trees creating a cool and bucolic atmosphere that characterizes these gardens.

For botany lovers it is a pleasure to enjoy the margallons (palm trees) and the solid oak trees growing in parts of this space. The airy Draco palm trees in little groups put a peculiar stamp to the garden just like the yucca, the spectacular kentias with a wonderful and unique specimen for its size and longevity, and various original groups of traxicarpus. There is no shortage of the subtropical neocardias or chorisías and the “coral tree” is also represented. You can even find the rare Japanese camphor tree.

The finishing touch is given by the many paths that run though the garden and the many benches, but above all the Nineteenth Century Lake and pergola. There are also two swans living by the lake, one black and one white. After twenty years in the garden and lake they are part of its long history.


Undoubtedly, a small paradise where to get lost for a while.

Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I
Phone: +34 933 644 040
Address: Av. Diagonal 661 - 671 - 08028 - Barcelona
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